Fly Tying at the September Open Weekend!

The fly tying demonstrations are always very popular at our Open Weekends and the next one will be no different! These guys are all at the top of their game and will go out of their way to show you how to perform the latest techniques and how to tie any style of fly you can think of. They will even take the time to guide you round the fly tying section in the shop and help you to choose the right materials, so don't miss out on our Open Weekend, 24th and 25th of September!

Davie McPhail
Davie McPhail (Saturday, Sunday)
Classed as one of the very best tyers in Europe, Davie McPhail has been tying flies since 1982 and has more recently become a YouTube sensation with millions of hits. He will be tying for us all weekend and giving help and advice to solve all your fly tying problems. Signed DVDs will also be available all weekend.

Duncan Egan
Duncan Egan (Sunday)
Duncan specialises in tying modern salmon flies and is the inventor of the hugely successful Flamethrower series of flies. He ties flies professionally for many salmon beats and high profile salmon anglers all over the world and often has a lengthy waiting list. However he is by no means a one trick fly tyer and if you ask him nicely he will show you some of the most awesome Clyde style trout flies you will ever see.

Michael Low
Michael Low (Sunday)
Michael Low is well known in the competition scene, having had success from an early age and is also a fan of river fishing. He recently started a new job with top fly supplier Fulling Mill, working behind the scenes and will be happy to show off his favourite pattern for rivers and lochs and show you how to tie them and fish them successfully.

David Edwards
David Edwards (Saturday, Sunday)
David  has always been fascinated by the pike, but it doesn't stop him from fishing for other species. He will use most legal means of catching fish but his favourite and most successful method has to be fly fishing. David is best known as the man who popularised the use of modern UV curing glues in UK fly tying and made them available to the masses under the Bug-Bond brand. he will be demonstrating the various methods and uses he has found for this innovative product and all the latest Bug-Bond products will be available for purchase instore.

There will be tons of stuff happening on the Open Weekend dates. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and instore for more info on what's going on at this event!