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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sage ONE Rod Video

The ONE rod is the latest Sage flagship offering that may redefine the “all-around” rod category, where precision casting accuracy is needed over a wide range of conditions. Hand crafted from their Konnetic technology and three long years in the making, the ONE rod is a game changer. Your game. Its fast action incorporates a built in sweet spot, making the ONE rod the ideal choice for experienced and aspiring casters alike.

The ONE™ Rod with Konnetic™ technology is a new generation of fly rod. Sage have pushed the boundaries of design to develop a rod with exceptional tracking and torsional stability, resulting in unparalleled casting accuracy.

The ONE rod will be available from Glasgow Angling Centre from September 2011 with a selection of 22 single hand rods ranging from 3 weight up to 10 weights and will be priced from £635 to £669. Pre order yours now to avoid disappointment! Be one of the first to own what will no doubt become an iconic rod, just like the Sage Z-Axis series and XP before it! Click here to preorder!

Sage ONE 9ft 3wt 390-4
Sage ONE 8ft 6in 4wt 486-4
Sage ONE 9ft 4wt 490-4
Sage ONE 9ft 6in 4wt 496-4
Sage ONE 10ft 4wt 4100-4
Sage ONE 8ft 6in 5wt 586-4
Sage ONE 9ft 5wt 590-4
Sage ONE 9ft 6in 5wt 596-4
Sage ONE 10ft 5wt 5100-4
Sage ONE 9ft 6wt 690-4 Half Wells Handle
Sage ONE 9ft 6wt 691-4 Full Wells Handle
Sage ONE 9ft 6in 6wt 696-4 Half Wells Handle
Sage ONE 9ft 6in 6wt 697-4 Full Wells Handle
Sage ONE 10ft 6wt 6100-4
Sage ONE 9ft 7wt 790-4
Sage ONE 9ft 6in 7wt 796-4
Sage ONE 10ft 7wt 7100-4
Sage ONE 9ft 8wt 890-4
Sage ONE 9ft 6in 8wt 796-4
Sage ONE 10ft 8wt 8100-4
Sage ONE 9ft 9wt 990-4
Sage ONE 9ft 10wt 1090-4

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