Hardy Zenith Sintrix Vs Sage ONE Rod!

The Yellowstone Angler team, who published the results of their big #5 weight rod shootout earlier in the year, have pitched the Hardy Zenith against the Sage One in a new head to head test. Bottom Line: The Hardy Zenith, 2011 5-weight shootout winner, is still the champ - and the new Sage ONE is better than the Z-Axis it replaces!

Here's what Yellowstone's George Anderson had to say:

"In our latest 5 weight shootout for 9 foot 4-pc. Rods, the Hardy Zenith walked away with top honours in every single performance category and won handily over the second place Sage Z-Axis.

Hardy Zenith with SINTRIX Technology
At the time we were doing our #5 weight shootout, we had heard about the new Sage One, and we desperately wanted to get it into our shootout, but it was just impossible to get a production sample at that time. We knew that any rod that was going to replace the terrific Z-Axis line must be good, but how good? About two weeks ago we got our hands on a new Sage One in the 9 foot #5 model, that was headed to Labrador and big brook trout, but we were able to keep it for a couple of days.
The new Sage ONE Series fly rod
We were anxious to cast the rod, but more importantly to be able to have enough time to do a little mini-shootout and make a direct comparison with both the Hardy Zenith and the older Sage Z-Axis the One will replace. After an hour of casting all three rods head to head out on the lawn, we had some answers..."

To read the full story, and find out all of the results, Click Here

Both the Sage ONE and the Hardy Zenith are available to buy, and try, at Glasgow Angling Centre so you can make your own mind up!