Tying the Klinkhamer- Step-by-Step

July's step-by-step has been produced in conjunction with Mid Clyde Angling Association and Glasgow Angling Centre.  This month we look at tying the Klinkhamer, a proven dry fly which takes many, many Trout and Grayling from the River Clyde and almost every other venue you can think of!.

All materials and equipment needed for this step-by-step can be found in our Fly Tying Section of the Fishingmegastore website.  Also why not drop into the store for advice on flies and fly tying!

The Klinkhamer
Click on the image to see the full step by step!
Materials used in this dressing:

Hook- We recommend Partridge 15BN Klinkhamer Extreme hooks
Thread - Both Grey UTC70 and UTC70 to suit body colour
Body - Wapsi Superfine Dubbing
Wing Post - Antron Yarn
Hackle - Red Game (Brown) Cock
Thorax - Peacock Herl

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