Film maker Ronnie Goodwin sent us a link to his latest awesome short film! Filmed at Carman Trout Fishery near Renton, a place we have fished many times.

FLY from Ronnie B. Goodwin on Vimeo.
Ronnie says 'While I have been waiting on results, replies for jobs and applying for positions on other projects, I decided I should make another short film about the two things I love most, film making and fly fishing.

It took more than 10 days to gather the little moments for this film, with one of the sequences that I shot last year, but it had to be seen again, the piece where the Dragon fly and the Damsel fly bump heads, a special moment.

Big thanks to, David Clements for the assistance, and to Angelo, John, Kevin and Johnny from the Carman Trout Fisheries for the support during the filming of this little piece.'

You can check out Ronnie's other films HERE