Fish of the Month July Entry - Naver Salmon!

Allan Hutton sent us this picture of one of his first ever Salmon, and his story is below...

Allan and his Salmon
I went fishing for Salmon for the first time in my life on Monday 18th July 2011. The location was the River Naver in Sutherland. I was fishing the Bettyhill Angling Club beat. What a day I had! My first ever Salmon was caught in the morning after fishing for just an hour. It was a modest fresh Grilse with sea lice, weight was estimated at 2 3/4 lb. I fooled the fish with a Cascade variant I had tied the night before at my holiday caravan. Then a few hours later I hooked into another Salmon this time a lot bigger but in the nerve wracking fight that ensued it broke my leader right down at the fly. The same fly that caught my earlier fish.we stopped for lunch and left the river for a couple of hours. We arrived back at the river and I opted to fish Ally's pool. I could not believe my luck when I hooked into my third Salmon of the day  this time with a shrimp pattern I had tied. The fish took off like a train and leaped from the water a few times trying to throw the hook. I held on for dear life my knuckles got battered by the reel handle as I struggled to adjust the drag . I also burned my fingers with the fly line such was the power of this fresh run fish. Eventually after many heart stopping runs and dives I got the silver beauty under control and manouvered the fish into the bank where my friend netted the fish for me. I just sat down on the bank and shook my head in disbelief.I repeated my self over and over again, "I couldn't believe it".The photo doesn't do the Salmon any justice. So Monday the 18th of July 2011 will be remembered in the same way that I remember births, deaths and marriages in my family,Yes it was that special to me.The day I caught my first two Salmon and lost another. The pic I have sent is of the third Salmon. I estimated the fish to be about 7lb in weight.

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