New light from Bug-Bond!

The new Bug-Bond Professional Light is a single emitter UV light that will appeal to both the fly-tying fanatic and commercial fly tyer. This is possibly the sleekest, smartest, smallest, and cheapest to run UV light for curing UV cure resin available.
A new light source from Bug-Bond!
The BUG-BOND™ Professional UV curing light...
  • Utilises a CREE single UV emitter that provides consistent curing
  • Uses a single AA power cell. Tests have been conducted using NiMH rechargeable batteries and excellent results have been achieved. It will work equally as well with standard alkaline batteries if required.
  • Body constructed of aircraft grade aluminium and anodised to a Type III specification (dimensions 97mm x 22mm)
  • Weighs in at just 74g, compared with the 12 UV LED light at 104g and Nightsearcher UV torch at 152g. These are weights taken with batteries included.
Although committed to providing a cost effective solution to enable the majority of fly-tyers to access the benefits of their product, BUG-BOND™ also have a commitment to produce a replacement for the acclaimed Nightsearcher UV torch that many tyers on the show circuit use. The ability to power a high quality light with a readily available and inexpensive power cell in most countries will give customers outside the UK and those who travel the confidence that they can cure BUG-BOND™ wherever they might be on the globe!
Uses just one AA battery!
Link this with the fact that most rechargeable packs of AA batteries are sold in units of 4 batteries this will provide the fly-tyer with an almost constant supply of UV light that will cure BUG-BOND™.
We are confident that the introduction of the BUG-BOND™ Professional UV curing light will keep the BUG-BOND™ UV cure resin family at the fore-front of UV resin development for the fly-tyer and rod builder alike for some time to come.
Available at now!
The BUG-BOND™ Professional is available from the Glasgow Angling Centre for just £37.99 including battery!