March FOTM Winner!

The winner of March's Fish of the Month Competition is Terry Mallin with his 8lb Spring Salmon, caught from the river Ericht on a Blair Spoon and here is the story of it's capture.....

"I headed up to the Ericht with mates for a day salmon fishing. I put on a Blair spoon and as it was slowly drifting around a big deep pool, bang - fish was on. My heart was in my mouth then suddenly I was brought back down to earth when the fish swam around a tree which was next to me and the line was tangled. I feared the worst. I tried to untangle the line as quick as possible and then the salmon swam out upstream and leaped from the water 3 feet in the air. I could see the Blair spoon dangling from its mouth - back in business. After 30 minutes of fighting upstream and downstream avoiding every obstacle in the book I wondered how I would net it. Because I was on my own I have no net, steep bank behind me and deep pool in front. It was near impossible to land. I reached for my phone and called the lads - fish on, need the net. At this point the salmon was tiring therefore I decided to try and get the salmon as close to the bank as possible to tail it. As I tried to bring the salmon in I heard a snap. I looked into the river and saw the salmon swimming away. I thought the line had snapped and my dream of a fresh run salmon was in tatters. Then I saw the line tighten up - the rod tip had snapped at the joint! I decided to lean out and grab the rod tip and as I did the salmon pulled me in the river with it! With adrenalin pumping I climbed out the deep pool and up the bank. The rod tip and salmon came with me. I tailed the fish out of the pool and was the happiest man in the world. My blackberry is broken, Ipod not working and I was soaked head to toe, did I care not a chance!!!!"

Soaked to the skin - but happy!
Terry wins £100 to spend at the Glasgow Angling Centre on fishing tackle of his choice! We would like to thank everybody that took part, and you can see all the entries here.

If you would like to enter April's FOTM competition simply send us a photograph of you and your catch, when and where you caught your fish, and what tackle and method you used. You can also enter instore - just ask a member of staff for assistance. The winner will be chosen by our expert judges and will be announced on the last day of each month. The best entries will be featured on both our Blog and Facebook page. Good luck and we look forward to seeing the entries. Submit your entry here...