New 2011 Scierra catalogue now online!

The all new Scierra 2011 catalogue is available to view here! Filled with cutting edge quality fly fishing gear, the Scierra 2011 catalogue has now landed - hot off the presses. It features Scierra's full fly fishing product lineup, and there is some extremely interesting new stuff this year - especially on the fly rod, fly reel, and clothing side. Among the many new products is the Nano Technology FlyLite V2 rod, the super elegant HM+ rod, the ultra smooth TX2+ reel, the classy XDP+ and XDP+ Casette reels, the no-stretch Kevlar shooting line, and the cool looking SpeedCast wading jacket.

As usual you can buy direct from us but if you don't see what you want online or in the shop give us a shout and we will get it for you!
Click on the image to see the catalogue!
The catalogue will be available in physical form in about two weeks time, but until then, you can find the online version here.