Savage Gear Cutbait Catches!

The Savage Gear Herring Cutbait has long gone proven itself as a real killer lure for Halibut, Cod, and other giants of the sea. With its heavy weight construction and irresistible action, the Herring Cutbait is perfect for deep sea fishing - even in strong currents. A few anglers around have found out that it is perfect for other types of fishing as well - and they have done some truly remarkable catches.
Nile perch on a Cutbait!
Pontus Wallin is one of them, and during a recent visit to the Murchinson Falls, he caught several hard-fighting Nile Perch between 35 and 45 kilos. He found the Cutbait Herring lure to be perfect for cutting through the fast current and locating the big fish along the bottom.
Lake Trout love 'em too!
John Horsey found the Herring Cutbait to be the perfect solution for huge Yukon Lake Trout. Trolled behind the boat, this lure completely outfished all others, and it provided John with some unforgettable fish - among them a Laker in the 40lb vicinity!!!
Check out the new colours!
For 2011 - four new radical colours are available, the flamboyant Tequila Sunrise, the goofy-looking Orange Pearl Popeye, the radical Puffin, and the ghostly Green Glow. Order them now here!