Furled Leaders come to GAC

At last – an extensive range of high quality furled leaders for the discerning fly fisherman is available to buy from Glasgow Angling Centre!
The complete range of Hemingway's Furled Leaders available!
Hemingway's furled leaders are hand woven from 30 to 70m of premium quality modern materials, a blend of a double silicone coated nylon for floating and highest grade fluorocarbon for sinking.

These leaders have been crafted and tested over the past 30 years on the trout of the pristine rivers of Serbia and Slovenia. Halford, Marryat and Skues all used them, as do the discerning trout fishermen of today.

Here are a few reasons why:

* Durable leaders designed for anglers who want their leaders to last – just replace the tippet when required!
* Special silicon coated technology – ‘SCT’ – prevents water absorption (this can reduce strength by up to 50% in a monofilament leader)
* Lack of memory reduces micro drag
* Available in floating or sinking(fluorocarbon) models
* Perfect taper provides positive turnover and increased accuracy
* Improved presentation which eliminates leader slap – does not hold or spray water like braided leaders
* Very user friendly and not prone to wind knots or tangles
* Inbuilt strike indicator for Czech nymphing, plus droppers
* Good retention of paste floatants
* Excellent knot strength
* Ultra easy to attach with built-in loops
* Very supple - cast it straight from the packet!

You can order them from here! or ask instore.