Proper Rod Test!

Here in the UK anglers love to complain about the reviews in the angling press, about how in depth they are, the sample range and of course there's always a conspiracy theory surrounding the winners! I think the magazine reviews are usually OK and quite accurate but in the shop we get to experience a lot more gear than the average angler, so I can see where the misgivings about them could come from, especially if you are relying on a review to help with a big purchase!

This in depth review from the states concentrates on 9ft #5 rods and features 18 current models including the Hardy Zenith, Sage Z-Axis, G. Loomis NRX, Orvis Helios, Sage VXP, Loop Evotec, Greys GRXi+, and the Sage TCX - all tested to a level of detail that would be impossible to fit in a monthly magazine!
9ft #5 Rods on Test
Check it out and let us know what you think! Click here to read the rod test!

And remember if you would like to cast a rod before you buy it, you can try out as many as you like on the casting pool at the shop, usually under the watchful eye of a SGAIC Instructor.


  1. This has got to be the best set of rod tests that I have ever read and for once the testers are not afraid to criticize what are generally regarded as some of 'The Worlds Best Rods' and their criticism is spot on in my opinion. For too long we have been 'conned' into accepting rods that are just too stiff for the stated line weight rating given by the manufacturer. It is just a shame that some of the budget priced rods popular in the UK - Snowbee and Vision for example - were not included, but then the tests were by americans for americans. Please let's have some more of this stuff. Thanks for bringing it to us Glasgow Angling centre. Pete, Norfolk.


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