Hardy & Greys SINTRIX

Hardy & Greys have always been at the forefront of tackle design, however they have developed something that is very special indeed. Welcome to the most significant development in fishing-rod design for 25 years - SINTRIX. In today's carbon fibre rod blanks, a special resin holds the carbon fibres in parallel alignment, which allows them to bend as the rods flexes. However, these carbon fibres buckle under extreme stress because they are stronger than the resin holding them in place. This has lead to various enhancements of the resin, particularly the addition of titanium and nano tubes in the resin mix itself. However this has mainly reinforced the carbon but not the resin! Therefore when the rod bends beyond it's limits, breakage occurs.
Why is SINTRIX so Special?
3m developed a revolutionary base resin for the aerospace industry which Hardy & Greys have adapted, to create a unique material called SINTRIX that is exclusive to them. They have looked at the inherent weaknesses of the resin that holds the carbon fibres in place within a rod blank and introduced 'Nano Particles' throughout the resin. These particles are blended within the resin to hold the carbon fibres in parallel alignment. SINTRIX's enhanced matrix resin supports and bolsters the carbon fibres in the rod blank to withstand an even higher degree of bending and loading than today's modern rods. With SINTRIX, if a microscopic weak spot were to appear in the blank, the special 'nano particles' in the SINTRIX resin simply just 'click in' to their neighbouring particles and stops the weakness occurring.
Benefits of SINTRIX
A rod that can bend further than any other rod on the market. It also creates a rod that offers phenomenal strength and durability, is lighter, more responsive, can recover quicker, and has huge reserves of power. Steve Paterson of Hardy & Greys explains that: "these are blanks so thin, they can cut through the wind." They also have significantly improved impact resistance over conventional carbon fibre rod design (so that doesn't mean you see if it will withstand the car door slamming shut on it). It simply means that it will take accidental bumps and scrapes better.

Ordering SINTRIX
Initially the material will be used in Hardy Fly rods, so the SINTRIX single handed rods will be available in January 2011. Chris Bond of Hardy & Greys states that: "Our aim is that in five years, 60-70% of Hardy & Greys rod volume will be built with SINTRIX." So if you would like to pre-order a new SINTRIX rod, please contact us or you can call us now on 0871 716 1670.