Big G pops his fly fishing cherry!

As a non fishing employee at the Glasgow Angling Centre, I decided that the evening staff outing to Bangour Trout Fishery in West Lothian would be the perfect opportunity to get a little tuition from one of our resident casting instructors and give fly fishing a go.

After the traditional BBQ I was given a half hour lesson by Davie Bell which was just enough for me to learn how to put out a line and present a fly at around 15 yards. One of the guys from the mail order department suggested that I try starting off with a sedge which I duly tied on and cast out. After around half an hour of fishing, a cracking 3lb rainbow came up and inhaled the fly. With adrenaline pumping through my veins I fought the fish and with a little coaching, I had the fish within the net in a couple of minutes. I was given special permission by fishery owner Stevie Reid to take the fish for the table as it was my first ever !!!!

I now understand the buzz of fly fishing and will certainly be giving it a go again in the future.


  1. Well done mate. You are a true fisherman now!

  2. A very nice fish


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