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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bug-Bond now Available

This winters hottest fly tying product is now available to buy from GAC. Bug-Bond does away with messy epoxies and varnishes and leaves you with a very slick system to finish flies with. Simply apply Bug-Bond where you need it and blast it with UV light from the special torch for a few seconds to set it. Its crystal clear and as tough as epoxy, making your flies bullet proof! Check out this video from Davie McPhail using Bug-Bond on a very seasonal Grayling bug!

Bug-Bond is ideal for trout, grayling and salmon flies and especially saltwater and pike patterns.
Bug-Bond - Click to find out more


  1. Look forward to accquiring what looks like a fantastic product. Is it in store at the moment . If so I will try to get into GAC on Sunday.

    Cheers, Allan

  2. Yes Allan. All of the Bug Bond products are now is now in stock.